The Redskins and Their Offense
Claremont Review of Books
May 6, 2014

How sensitive can we get?

Poet of the Playing Field
Claremont Review of Books
August 7, 2013

A review of "American Pastimes: The Very Best of Red Smith" (The Library of America), by Daniel Okrent.

The Higher Education Hustle
Claremont Review of Books
June 24, 2013

Political correctness and the Credentials-Industrial Complex.

The Same Old Deal
Claremont Review of Books
April 2, 2013

A review of "The New New Deal: The Hidden Story of Change in the Obama Era", by Michael Grunwald.

Against Swedenization
National Review
January 28, 2013

The entitlement state imbalances budgets and enervates citizens

Not a Penny More
City Journal
December 21, 2012

The case for antitax absolutism.

Extremism in Defense of Liberty
The Claremont Institute
December 12, 2012

Is there a method to the GOP’s “madness”?

A CRB discussion of Economic Inequality
The Claremont Institute
December 12, 2012

In the Summer 2012 issue of the Claremont Review of Books, senior editor William Voegeli reviewed The Great Divergence: America's Growing Inequality Crisis And What We Can Do About It by Timothy Noah, a senior editor of the New Republic.

Not Leveling With Us
The Claremont Institute
August 20, 2012

A review of "The Great Divergence: America's Growing Inequality Crisis and What We Can Do about It," by Timothy Noah and "The Price of Inequality: How Today's Divided Society Endangers Our Future," by Joseph E. Stiglitz.

Ryanism: the Big Picture
National Review
August 14, 2012

Ryan’s vision challenges Democrats to acknowledge the cost of their ambitions.